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Custom Map

At simplyput, creating custom artwork for our client's special events makes us happy. Recently, we were asked to create a custom map for a wedding at the beautiful WaterColor Beach Resort. Our very own, Lauren Markham, went to work hand-illustrating all of the locations that needed to be included…and here's how she did it.

P1020659 400x300 Custom MapCreating a custom map…

Although I have been creating art my entire life, every project still ensues A LOT of erasing…not  sure if it’s due to my perfectionism or if I could use a few MORE formal art lessons. Regardless, I love the journey of creating, all erasing included. This journey is the way I make peace with the world and my day to day. 

Fortunately, the ladies here at simplyput encourage my creativity and allow me the opportunity to create things like custom maps… 

First, I build a database of images that our client would like to include in their map. Then I pull up google maps and star each location to see how they relate to one another and how I can create a logical, helpful map while maintaining style, grace and awesomeness. 

The drawing begins – I do a quick sketch of everything. Then I dig in further by adding character to each place. I don’t necessarily aim to create a realistic study of the places, but rather capture its essence…what gives a place its character? 
P1020664 400x300 Custom Map

Once the refined sketches are complete, I scan them in the computer and use our handy dandy Wacom tablet to recreate the images as vector art. This allows me to edit the drawings – shrink them, enlarge them, take away details that get lost when the places are shrunk down to an inch, etc. Then I add anything I think the map needs to give it that final touch – also known as awesomeness. 

Afterward, it is letterpressed and Voilà!, my job is complete. I feel a huge reward seeing our client’s reaction (and everyone else's).

P1020666 400x300 Custom Map
P1020700 400x384 Custom Map

I Love You Dad

To say I love my Dad seems ridiculous and inadequate. It's just not a strong enough phrase for what he means to me and my family and what an important person he is in my life today. Like….maybe not normal. Here's an example….I'm 34 and I had my nose and sinuses rebuilt (in a non-cosmetic way…I swear) six weeks ago. Who came to my pre-op? Dad. Who took me to the surgery? Dad. Who took me back the next day for post-op when I was high as a kite and basically had to be carried into the office? Dad. And when I say he took me to all these appointments, I don't mean he waited in the waiting room while the doctors saw me, no, he was in the exam rooms, sitting next to me, holding my hand the whole time. How do you put that love into words? He is completely in love with my mother, my sisters, and me and it shows in everything he does. If you're in line next to him at the Publix checkout (or anywhere really)…get ready. His phone will be out and there will pictures of my sisters and I and his 4 grandsons. He is so proud of all us. That love and kindness has set me up for a successful and fulfilled life. I was given a gift the day I became his daughter and I am forever grateful.

Written by simplyput.'s own Chaice Garner Thornton

P1020738 400x300 I Love You DadWe all know that dad.

P1020730 400x300 I Love You DadEat. Drink. Groom. Repeat.
Jack Daniels Cook Book / Lynne Tolley & Mindy Merrell
Comb / Owen & Fred
Money Clip / Owen & Fred
You Earned It Bottle Opener / Owen & Fred
The Kickass Flask / Owen & Fred

P1020680 400x300 I Love You DadAmerica's finest fathers deserve America's finest news source.
The Onion Book of Known Knowledge


Creative and Culinary

Being the only one around simplyput that’s not a designer or an artist, I often joke that I'm the only non-creative in the company.  For the most part, that's true…but I do have a little bit of creativity when it comes to being in the kitchen.  I love to cook, try new recipes and host fabulous dinner parties!   For someone that tends to play by the rules, this is the one part of my life, where I just don't.  I don't measure out ingredients or follow recipes to the letter. I love to throw stuff together and create something new or even mix several recipes together to create one perfect dish.   

Over the years, I've made so many different things,  but the pickled shrimp recipe below continues to be the most-requested dish for pot-lucks, barbecues and get togethers among my friends and family.   It's great for this time of year!

Pickled Shrimp  – Recipe originally came from my grandmother, Oma.
2 1/2 pounds shrimp, cooked and cleaned, tails off
1 large onion sliced into rings
4 bay leaves
1/2 cup white vinegar
1 cup salad oil
1 tsp salt
2 tsp celery salt
2 tablespoons capers (I typically double this part)

In a ceramic or glass bowl, alternate layers of shrimp and onion rings.  Place bay leaves on the top.  Mix together vinegar, oil, salt, celery salt and capers in a jar and shake well.  
Pour over the shrimp and onion mixture.  Cover and refrigerate 12-24 hours, stirring occasionally.  Drain and serve!   Serves 10-12

eat 400x300 Creative and Culinary
Pestle and Mortar / Sparq
Agra Moss Napkins / Habitat
Eat. Napkin Rings / Magenta
Marble Slab Tray / Sparq

recipe 400x300 Creative and Culinary
Strawberry Chipotle Jam / Emily G's
Recipe Box / Rifle Paper Co.

MWV 400x300 Creative and Culinary
Mr. Wilkinson's Vegetables
Homemade Summer

Butterfly Plate / Thomas Paul 

Fashion is Everything

P1020173 374x400 Fashion is Everything

My magnetism towards fashion began when my father started bringing me home magazines. My father's friend did shipments for Barnes & Noble and the discarded magazines were passed along to 10 year old me. The magazines fascinated me, pages upon pages of different ensembles made for every genre of woman. This floored me because the extent of my knowledge of fashion was the ability to match my navy polo to my tartan plaid skirt of which I was required to wear every day to school. 

To this day I still pore over my large stacks of Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, and Elle. As a designer and artist, the majority of my work is inspired by editorial work. From my watercolor shoe illustrations to my color choices, fashion was a main proprietor. Fashion is never limited to clothing choice, fashion is everything.

Written by simplyput.'s own Andrea Book

P10202071 400x300 Fashion is EverythingLanvin
Halston & Warhol: Silver & Suede
Vogue: The Editor's Eye
W: The First 40 Years
Jacques Helleu & Chanel 

P10202231 400x280 Fashion is EverythingVogue: The Editor's Eye 

P1020129 400x219 Fashion is EverythingGemstone Slice Necklace in Turquoise / Chibi Jewels

P1020243 400x319 Fashion is EverythingEmperor's New Clothes Napkin Rings / IMM Living

Love. We get it.

loveher 400x300 Love. We get it.
 Really, to me, love is trying to accept someone just they way they are. I feel that love from my husband, my parents and my sisters and it's the most comforting, empowering, and centering emotion you can feel…to love and be loved. Last year I experienced a new love…a crazy love…when I met Westie for the first time. It actually takes your breath away and now I feel like a piece of my heart lives outside of my body. Granted that piece of my heart just ate dog food and played in the toilet but…that's love too. My boss is crying so breaks over. 

Things I love: My one eared Boston Terrier and my Golden Retriever mix, Margaritas in the summer and White Russians in the winter, Baby's Breath (not the flower used in cheesy arrangements but my actual baby's breath)….hope that one doesn't sound creepy, black and white horizontal stripes, being able to text my husband when I run out of toilet paper, and drinking wine with my sisters. 

Written by simplyput.'s own Chaice Garner Thornton

Need a gift for your love?

P1010983 400x324 Love. We get it.

Massage Oil / Homemade with Love

P1010981 400x366 Love. We get it.

I Love Your Style / Amanda BrooksP1010866 400x300 Love. We get it.Valentine cards / 9th Street Letterpress and Ladyfinger Letterpress

Tinsel & Twine

 Tinsel & Twine

Meet the Author…this Weekend


P1010351 400x300 Meet the Author…this Weekend

Join us at simplyput this Saturday, December 6th from 12-4 pm to meet the author and pick up a signed copy of the highly anticipated book The Southern Pantry Cookbook by Jennifer Chandler.

"Jennifer fills this book with her characteristic joy and sense of fun in the kitchen. The Southern Pantry Cookbook showcases her ingenuity and is a close second to having her actually with you in the kitchen."
Andy Ticer and Michael Hudman
Food & Wine Best New Chefs 2013

THANKFUL (for our splog readers…)

We feel strongly that nothing says thanks like a well-dressed Thanksgiving table. 

P1010287 400x300 THANKFUL (for our splog readers…)Custom Beverage Beverage Napkins
(inquire simplyput. Paper & Gift 404.881.8660)

P1010271 400x300 THANKFUL (for our splog readers…)Chalkboard Napkin Rings (Set of four)/ Magenta 
Agra Moss Natural Cloth Napkins/ Natural Habitat

P1010323 400x300 THANKFUL (for our splog readers…)Georgia Slate Cheese Board/ Sparq

A very Happy Thanksgiving from simplyput. Paper & Gift


PartnersCard Background 283x400 Partners
Shop with us October 31st through November 8th and receive 20% off *when you present your 2014 Partners Card.
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336A9959 400x266 Partners
It's that time of year!
Place your holiday card order during Partners Card to get 20% off. 

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Hunting Season is Open

It's that time of year to get a little down and dirty.  As the weather cools, grab some warm blankets, cold beer and good friends and go get lost in the woods.

P1000989 400x300 Hunting Season is Open
Custom Camo Koozies (inquire simplyput. Paper & Gift 404.881.8660)
Beer Making Kit/ Brooklyn Brew Shop


P1010091 400x299 Hunting Season is Open

Don't let the deer smell you.  This soap really works!
Big 'Ol Brick of Hunting Soap/ Duke Cannon Supply Co.


P1000921 400x300 Hunting Season is Open

Got game?
Quail Bowls/ Laura Zindel


P1000933 400x300 Hunting Season is OpenCan't hit the stands without a good ol' whiskey drink.
Wooden Flasks/spitfire Girl
Highball Glass/spitfire Girl

All products available in store at simplyput. Paper & Gift

Well Groomed

Well Groomed

For the well groomed man in your life.

1. Looking Sharp soap (simplyput) 2. Shoe shine kit (Sid Mashburn) / 3. Mens beard comb (Kent) / 4. Pewter shaving brush (Kaufmann Mercantile) / 5. Facial fuel lip balm (Kiehls) 6. Reading glasses (Orvis) / 7. Mustache bottle opener & cork pull (simplyput) / 8. Shoe brush (simplyput) / 9. Linen pocket square (Matteo linen for Apolis) / 10. Gameface facial moisturizer (simplyput) / 11. Brushman Hat (Barbour) / 12. The Day of the Peacock book (simplyput)

It’s Great to be a Georgia Bulldog

screen shot 2012 12 03 at 4 04 17 pm It’s Great to be a Georgia Bulldog

Going to school in Athens definitely got me started thinking creatively and outside of the box. Some of the best memories of my LIFE came from the Georgia Theatre, 40 Watt, Bluebird Café and Sanford Stadium.  Each year, The University of Georgia presents the “Bulldog 100,” a group of the 100 fastest growing businesses owned by a UGA alum. I am honored to say that we made this list!

It is truly an honor to be recognized among some of these amazing businesses. Looking forward to continued growth in 2013.

Go Dawgs!

Into the Woods

intothewoods 283x400 Into the Woods

my favorite place to be.
1. Timex Watch / 2. Acorn Arcadian Stamp / 3. Twig colored pencils / 4. Moose antler mug / 5. Recycled canvas play tent / 6. Scout soap set / 7. Chicks with Guns coffee table book / 8. To my health flask / 9. Woodsmoke candle / 10. Tree identification matches / 11. Desert boot / 12. Classic shirt / 13. Silhouette cake toppers / 14. Manly monogram sticker /

Shout out to …. Wheatgrass

wheatgrass 400x370 Shout out to .... Wheatgrass

I am a long-time believer/user of wheatgrass. The benefits of this grassy, green juice is certainly worth a “shout out.” Kicking back one ounce of wheatgrass juice actually has more nutritional benefits than eating 2 pounds of raw broccoli. And honestly – who has the time or inclination to do that??

Here are just a few good reasons to add wheatgrass juice to your weekly routine (3 or 4 times a week is advised). Fresh pressed wheatgrass juice ….

is an incredibly powerful natural detoxification agent.

helps improve the digestive system (big time).

stimulates and regenerates the liver.

helps to fight disease & infection with chlorophyll.

helps reduce stress and tension.

is helpful in anti-aging, such as reducing grey hairs.

helps in boosting energy levels.

assists in repairing the DNA system.

helps the body to heal wounds and fight illness faster.

promotes overall vitality to the human body.

 Shout out to .... Wheatgrass

Here in Atlanta, I get my wheatgrass shots from the nearby Whole Foods. Their “powershot” is the best way to jumpstart a week or even re-fuel after a big Saturday night.  It’s an ounce each of wheatgrass, lemon juice and freshly pressed ginger root. The lemon and ginger keep you from tasting the grass all day.

Convinced to give it a try?  Or are you already a wheatgrass fan, too?

Support Camp Twin Lakes with the Partners Card!

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Journal therapy

I have always kept a journal.

Actually, I started writing in one when I was 13 (very rough patch for most pre-teen girls) and stopped shortly after discovering graphic design (21) as if designing became my new therapy.

I still give journals as gifts to friends going through hard times or for my friends’ pre-teen daughters and they always seem to make things better. Check out some of our favorite journals we’re carrying at the store.

 Journal therapy

Personal Playlist: The College Years

Certainly your college years are the ones that most shape your musical influence. Mine (’86-90) were most memorable, in my book.

What are your favorite tunes from the late ’80’s?

1. Widespread Panic – Space Wrangler

2. The Cure – Strange Girl

3. The Connells – Pawns

4. Bob Dylan – Forever Young

5. Grateful Dead – Looks Like Rain

6. Crosby Stills and Nash – Taken At All

7. David Bowie – Ashes to Ashes

8. Dire Straits – Romeo and Juliet

9. Joni Mitchell – Help

10. Blind Faith – Can’t Find My Way Home

Feels Like Football

 Feels Like Football

Tailgates, touchdowns and a chill in the air – these are our favorites for fall!
1. Cheese Straws / 2. Striped straws / 3. Team Tervis Tumblers  4. Big Green Egg Mini  / 5. Three Sheets flask  / 6. 3Lab Perfect Sunscreen / 7. Jonathan Adler Melamine Tray / 8. Beer Making Kit, Everyday IPA / 9. Ray-Ban Caravan Sunglasses / 10. Bloody Mary Mix / 11. Custom tailgate napkins